Kimmel Imagines the Apology Oprah Owes America for Making Dr. Oz Famous (Video)

Celebrity physician Mehmet Oz is now a Trump Republican running for Senate in Pennsylvania

Last week, hardcore Trump supporter Dr. Mehmet Oz was declared the winner of the Republican primary for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania, and as a result, will face off against Democrat John Fetterman in November.

Oz’s turn to extremist right-wing politics is notable if only because of the fact that he’s only famous because he was plucked from obscurity and promoted by Oprah Winfrey. So it is that while discussing this during his monologue on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel imagined what it would be like if Oprah apologized for having foisted him on the American public.

“Dr. Oz is now backed by Donald Trump. In the good old days, he was backed by an even bigger name, which was Oprah. Oprah gave him his show, and now it would seem she has some regrets about this monster she helped create,” Kimmel said. Then he cued up a fake commercial in which Oprah expresses those regrets.

For those wondering, the commercial was made from a combination of Oprah clips and still photos, plus a fairly decent Oprah impersonator.

“Hi everybody. 19 years ago, I introduced the world to Dr. Oz,” the fake Oprah said. “He made more than 60 appearances on my show. I made him a household name. I f—ed up.”

“Holy f—, did I f— up,” the fake Oprah continued. “I just wanted him to teach us what our poop should look like. And now, he’s a first class f—head.”

The commercial then included a clip of Oz at a Trump rally calling for Dr Anthony Fauci to be fired.

“Oprah’s sorry, everybody. I owe you each a candle and fuzzy pair of slippers. I’m really sorry,” the ad said as it concluded.

Watch the whole monologue in the clip above. The stuff about Oz and Oprah apologizing comes in about 6 minutes in.