Kimmel Hosts Letterman, ‘The Main Reason I Got Into Television’ (Video)

Kimmel shows Letterman his "L8 Nite" birthday cake and license plate

At least two people in late night get along famously.

Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of his week of taping in Brooklyn, N.Y., to draw his professional hero, David Letterman, to his show. The show was Kimmel's top-rated episode since June. 

"Not only is my first guest tonight the main reason I got into television, he is the main reason I got a television," Kimmel said.

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He proved it by showing Letterman his 18th birthday cake and an early license vanity plate, both inspired by Letterman's NBC series "Late Night With David Letterman."

Letterman, the host of CBS's "Late Show," has plenty of bad blood with "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno — and so does Kimmel. He once went on the "Tonight Show" to mock Leno for his role in Conan O'Brien's exit from NBC, and recently said "fuck h–" when asked about Leno.

But Letterman and Kimmel get along just fine. A humble Letterman told Kimmel that his "L8 Nite" cake and license were "warning signs" — but still welcomed him to the 11:35 timeslot when he and Leno air. ABC will move Kimmel up half an hour to 11:35 early next year.

Letterman also said Kimmel has been "nothing but generous and courteous and kind."

The episode drew 985,000 viewers aged 18-49 — the most in the demo since June 19 — and was the most-watched Wednesday telecast of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in its 10-year history.

Watch the start of the interview: