GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger Calls Trump ‘Loser President’ After Ohio Rally (Video)

The Republican lawmaker scoffed at the former president’s event, which he described as a “recycling of all his old talking points”

Adam Kinzinger
Getty Images

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger continued his criticism of former president Donald Trump Sunday, calling Trump’s Saturday event the “rally of a loser president.”

“What you saw yesterday was a recycling of all his old talking points. It was a rally of a loser president. He’s the first president to lose re-election in decades and I don’t know why these folks would go there and, in essence, ogle at him and, in many cases, just short of worship a loser, but they did,” he said.

Trump’s Saturday rally was his first since Jan. 6, when he directed protesters and supporters to the Capitol just before the riot that claimed five lives. The rally was ostensibly held so he could throw support behind a Republican candidate in Ohio.

He did, as Kinzinger said, stick to his “old talking points.” He falsely claimed there were fraudulent votes in the 2020 election and spent time attacking Republicans who didn’t line up behind him.

On Sunday, GOP Sen. Mitt Romney also used a CNN appearance to criticize Trump’s rally, saying it’s like WWE in that “it’s entertaining but it’s not real.”

Watch below, via CNN.


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