Samuel L. Jackson Helps a Dangerous Young Assassin Exact Revenge in New ‘Kite’ Trailer (Video)

India Eisley also stars in the live-action adaptation of the famous anime series of the same name

Samuel L. Jackson is a jaded cop looking out for his dead partner’s daughter in the trailer for the live-action adaptation of “Kite,” a classic anime series from 1998.

The orphaned young girl, played by India Eisley (“Underworld: Awakening”) has morphed into a deadly assassin, however, and seems fully capable of taking care of herself. “Looks like somebody used a landmine to clear their sinuses,” Jackson says while examining the remains of one of her victims.

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“My name is Sawa,” narrates Eisley over the trailer’s colorful, violent images. “My father was a cop who fought the cartels. But it killed him, and my mother. So one by one, I take my revenge.”

Earlier this year Jackson personally introduced the source material — which is based on a cult-classic anime directed by Yasuomi Umetsu in 1998 — but this is the film’s first official trailer.

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The updated version of the powerful revenge fantasy is directed by Ralph Ziman and also stars Callan McAuliffe (“I Am Number Four.”)

“Kite” premieres on DirecTV Aug. 28 and then moves to select theaters, on demand and iTunes on Oct.10.