‘Kodachrome’ Star Ed Harris on Working With Jason Sudeikis (Exclusive Video)

TIFF 2017: “We just really appreciated each other,” the actor tells TheWrap

“Kodachrome” star Ed Harris and director Mark Raso sat down with TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly to talk about the making of the indie dramedy, which Netflix acquired this week at the Toronto Film Festival.

“Kodachrome” is set during the final days of the still photo development system known as Kodachrome.

When it ended and people hadn’t developed the rolls of the film, those stills were gone forever.

The film focuses on a father (Ed Harris) and son’s (Jason Sudeikis) relationship as they go on a road trip to reach the Kansas photo lab before it closes. Along with the father’s nurse, played by Elizabeth Olsen, the three must navigate a changing world.

“We just really appreciated each other,” Harris said of working with Sudeikis.

Watch the video above.