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Kristen Bell Has Some Reservations in ‘Veronica Mars’ Spinoff ‘Play It Again, Dick’ Teaser (Video)

Ryan Hansen and nearly the entire “Veronica Mars” cast return to play themselves and reprise their characters

The first footage from mega-meta “Veronica Mars” spinoff web series “Play It Again, Dick” has been released, and it’s kind of a tough sell, at least according to Kristen Bell.

The rather confusing premise of the spinoff follows a fictional version of Ryan Hansen, who’s decided to capitalize on the success of the Kickstartered “Veronica Mars” movie and created a series for himself to star in, recruiting all of his former co-stars to play along.

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Bell is visibly reluctant, though Hansen tries to sell her on the basic premise of the show: “Motorcycles, catchphrases, signature cocktails, barely dressed hot chicks, me nailing hot chicks, badassery … pretty awesome right?”

It’s certainly awesome enough to have enticed nearly the entire cast to return.

“Play It Again, Dick” premieres on the CW’s digital platform, CW Seed, on Sept. 16.