Kristen Stewart, Jimmy Fallon Play Terrible ’90s Game Ring Around the Nosey (Video)

The duo lighten the mood after sharing a clip from Stewart’s upcoming drama “Camp X-Ray”

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote her new drama, “Camp X-Ray.” The actress plays a Guantanamo Bay soldier who befriends a longterm prisoner in the gritty drama.

Naturally, after rolling an ultra-dramatic clip from the movie, it was time to play a horrible board game from 1993.

Fallon chose Ring Around the Nosey, a lame game in which two people — usually children — don elephant masks with obviously phallic trunks. The participants then bob for rings, which of course go around the nosey.

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Due to the shortage of time, host and guest played first ring wins. Fallon pulled off the victory, though with some controversy: As Stewart pointed out, Fallon got to practice earlier in the show when he highlighted a trove of horrendous old board games — which also included a sinking Titanic game, a factually inaccurate Big Foot game and an embarrassing Vanilla Ice rapping board game.

Watch Fallon school K-Stew, and then scroll a little further to remember the worst games from your childhood with Fallon:

“Camp X-Ray” is out in theaters on Oct. 17.