Kristen Wiig Impersonates One Direction’s Harry Styles on Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

The former “SNL” star knew absolutely nothing about One Direction’s leading man

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:24 AM

Jimmy Fallon got two A-list guests for the price of one during his second “Tonight Show.”

The new host of NBC’s flagship after-hours show is doing his best to attractive all demographics, a difficult task that will seem a whole lot easier if he receives performances like the one he got Tuesday night, when fellow former “SNL” star  Kristen Wiig donned a wig and appeared as One Direction’s Harry Styles.

“We were at school, and it was one of those, like, ‘Hey, I sing…’ and then everyone were just kind of like, let’s go to Harry’s house, and we just started rehearsing,” Wiig-as-Styles said of the band’s origin… despite the fact that they formed after appearing separately on the UK’s “The X Factor.” “And then we sent a tape to RCA. And they called my house, and they were like, do you want to be on our record label? I was like, ‘You guys, it’s never gonna work.'”

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The bit — and this is a recurring gag for Wiig, who visited Fallon’s “Late Night” as Michael Jordan last year — was made all the more entertaining by the actress’s notable lack of accent or any knowledge pertaining to the life and work of Styles, a British teen idol crooner with a coif as impressive as his number of Twitter followers. It may well be that Styles’ favorite food is carnitas and his animal of choice is the giraffe, but such preferences would surely be coincidental to Wiig offering up that information on his behalf.

Fallon’s second “Tonight” followed a debut that, with 11.3 million people watching, marked the second largest episode of the historic series in the last five years. Monday night’s episode featured guests Will Smith and U2, along with a long string of celebrity cameos.

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Bradley Cooper will guest on Wednesday night’s show, while Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell will be the featured stars on the Thursday night edition. Fallon’s pal and viral video partner in crime, Justin Timberlake, is slotted for Friday night.