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Kumail Nanjiani Loses Brussels Sprouts-Oscar Bet to Edgar Wright (Photos)

Actor-writer promised to eat his least favorite vegetable if ”The Big Sick“ got nominated for an Oscar

Kumail Nanjiani capped off a big week by paying off a bet he made with “Baby Driver” director Edgar Wright — who made him promise that if the comedian’s lauded film “The Big Sick” got nominated for an Oscar, he would eat his most hated food: brussels sprouts.

Sure enough, Nanjiani was nominated with his wife, Emily V. Gordon, for Best Adapted Screenplay after a 2017 in which “The Big Sick” got critical acclaim for its true tale about how the couple first met. Wright took pictures of Nanjiani paying off the bet, washing it down with a nice glass of champagne. Nanjiani responded to the photos by saying he’s “never been happier to lose a bet.”

Wright himself also has reason to celebrate, as “Baby Driver” received nominations for Best Film Editing, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing; and he says that the editors and sound designers who worked with him on the film told them before that this would happen.