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Kyle Rittenhouse Not Interested in Suing Media Over Trial Coverage

Rittenhouse says he wants to become a lawyer to ”help more people“

Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t enthusiastic when asked by Glenn Beck if he has plans to sue the media for coverage of his murder trial.

During a Blaze TV interview out this week, Beck asked said he believes lawsuits against the media are “righteous” and “necessary,” then asked, ““Do you agree with that?”

Rittenhouse demurred, saying he believes his “education is the most important thing” he can “help more people” by becoming a lawyer himself, but Beck — who has offered to donate his own money so Rittenhouse could mount such legal battles — persisted.

“Right, but suing the media, will that take a lot of time out of your schooling or you have a good team that can take all of that? Are you gonna sue the pants off the media? That’s what I want to know,” Beck said.

“We’re gonna focus on our number-one fight we’re dealing with right now with the guy whose been lying, Lin Wood and John Pierce. We’re gonna focus on them right now but maybe down the line in the future. We don’t know yet, but we’re gonna focus on those liars.”

Rittenhouse fired Wood, a prominent conservative lawyer, explaining in a November interview that he did so over “all this QAnon and election fraud stuff.” After a jury in Kenosha, Wisc., found him not guilty of murder last month, Rittenhouse’s lawyers filed for the teen to receive bail money that was raised on his behalf, but Wood’s nonprofit also filed a motion to get the money.

Rittenhouse stood accused of murder after shooting three people and killing two of them at a police brutality protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020. His defense team argued that he opened fire in self-defense, while the prosecution said the Illinois teen took a semi-automatic rifle across state lines looking for trouble during protests sparked by the police shooting of Jacob Blake.