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L.A. County Prosecutors Won’t Bring Sex Charges Against Former Agent Tyler Grasham

Statute of limitations cited in two cases

The Los Angeles County District Attorney will not bring any charges against former talent agent Tyler Grasham, a spokesman for the office told TheWrap. Four men have accused Grasham of sexual misconduct.

According to a document provided by the office, prosecutors found that the statute of limitations had passed on two accusers’ accusations. A third was referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office “for misdemeanor filing consideration,” and prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence supporting the fourth accusation.

Grasham was fired in October 2017, the day after TheWrap reported on the first accusation. The other accusers subsequently came forward.

A man who answered the phone at a number registered to Grasham hung up on a reporter who sought comment Thursday.

The D.A.’s document, a charge evaluation worksheet, said the first accuser, who is now 33, said Grasham kissed him and performed oral sex on him at a party in 1999, when the accuser was 15 and Grasham was 34. The accuser told authorities it felt “pressured, awkward and forced” because Grasham was older. The accuser did not come forward until November of 2017, after which the statute of limitation had passed, prosecutors said.

The second accuser, 35, said he was 17 and Grasham, then 34, went to dinner in 2000. The accuser said he consumed alcohol and became intoxicated, and went to Grasham’s home. The accuser said he awoke that night to find Grasham having anal sex with him, and tried unsuccessfully to make him stop. Again, the statute of limitation has expired, prosecutors said.

The third accuser, now 25, met Grasham on Tinder in 2014, prosecutors said. The accuser said he had an online relationship with Grasham but was not sexually interested in him. They went to dinner, where the accuser became intoxicated. Later, as he waited for an Uber at Grasham’s home, Grasham touched his genitals, the accuser said. The DA’s office said it could not confirm this occurred, and referred the case to the city’s attorney as a potential misdemeanor filing.

The fourth accuser, now 20, met Grasham online in 2017. The accuser said Grasham anally penetrated him on three occasions, and that he believed Grasham used his “power” to control him.

“He believed the suspect would tarnish his image if he didn’t comply,” the document said.

But prosecutors said three witnesses reported Grasham and the accuser appeared to be dating, and exhibited what appeared to be mutual affection.

The D.A.’s office concluded that there was “insufficient evidence to prove any potential sexual assault charges beyond a reasonable doubt, and to prove that the suspect knew or reasonably should have known that the victim did not consent to the acts.”

(For the record: An earlier version of this story said the third and fourth accusers’ accusations could be referred to the city attorney as possible misdemeanor filings; in fact, only the third case could go to the city attorney as a possible misdemeanor filing, not the fourth. We regret the error.)

Here is the D.A.’s charge evaluation worksheet:

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