‘La La Land’ Producer Hopes He and ‘Moonlight’ Director Showed ‘Better, More Generous, Kinder’

Jordan Horowitz offers his thoughts on the way the snafu was handled by taking questions from followers on Twitters

Last Updated: March 3, 2017 @ 9:29 AM

The 2017 Academy Awards will forever be remembered for one of the biggest screw-ups in Oscars history.

But alongside the “what the hell happened?!” drama emerged another narrative — the community spirit fostered by “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins and “La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz. While chaos dominated the Oscars stage and even host Jimmy Kimmel seemed unsure what to do, Horowitz ran to the mic, told the “Moonlight” team they’d actually won, congratulated them and held the card to the camera to prove it to the world.

After being proclaimed the hero of the sticky situation, Horowitz took to Twitter Thursday night to answer questions from followers and express his hope that how he and Jenkins handled it will set a good example for the industry.

“I am hopeful that all of us — teams ‘LLL’ and ‘Moonlight’ — demonstrated that we can be better, more generous, and kinder,” he said.

In a later tweet, Horowitz told his 26,0000 followers (a number that no doubt greatly increased after Sunday night), “Come with kindness. Come with an open mind, come ready to listen, and come ready to let go of preconceived notions.”

He even offered advice to aspiring producers on how to break into Hollywood.

Can we just give him an honorary Oscar for being a stand-up person?

See the tweets below.