This ‘Lady Bloodfight’ Trailer Is More Hardcore Than Most Male Movie Brawls (Video)

Action film pits women in a deadly fighting tournament

Voltage Media just released a new trailer for “Lady Bloodfight,” a very gory action film starring Amy Johnston that mixes Jean Claude Van Damme’s “Bloodsport” with a “Kill Bill”-esque female spin.

The trailer shows Johnston playing Jane, an American tourist lost in China who follows a complete stranger who offers her help into a back alley. When she’s savagely mugged, she’s rescued by the head of an all-female martial arts dojo who gained her experience from the Kumite, a deadly underground fighting tournament. Hoping to learn the skills that will help her get back what was robbed from her, Jane asks for training so she can enter the Kumite and win, but she is warned that in order to survive, let alone win, she must be prepared to take a life.

According to Movie Insider, “Lady Bloodfight” will get a limited release on May 26 and heads to DVD on June 6. Check out the trailer above.