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Lady Gaga’s New Wax Figure Causes Major Meltdown on Twitter

”It’s a wax sculpture of an alien cockroach that murdered Lady Gaga and is wearing her skin,“ suggests one observer

Lady Gaga and wax are having a bad romance in Peru.

In yet the latest example of unflattering waxen representations of celebrities, a replica of “Poker Face” chanteuse is sending shock waves across social media, with one detractor likening the figure to an “alien cockroach.”

The figure, which according to Billboard went up in a Lima, Peru museum last week, depicts Gaga in the infamous “meat dress” that the singer wore to the 2010 MTV VMAs. However, the major beef was among fans who felt that the stringy-haired, borderline-emaciated figure bore little to no resemblance to the “Born This Way” musician.

“It’s a wax sculpture of an alien cockroach that murdered Lady Gaga and is wearing her skin,” suggested one critic.

“How on earth did someone get PAID to professionally make a Lady Gaga wax figure that looks like THIS?” wondered another voice of disbelief.

“That’s Donatella Versace ….,” suggested another observer.

“Why does Lady Gaga’s new wax fixture look like she needs a Euro for a hostel?” asked another detractor.

“Whoever made this wax figure need to be fired asap,” suggested another unsatisfied bystander.

And so on.

The Gaga figure joins a seemingly growing list of celebrity wax figures that have been met with social-media outrage and mockery, including figures of Beyonce, Ryan Gosling and Tom Brady.