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Lance Bass Brings Big Mouth Billy Bass to Life on ‘The Tonight Show’ (Video)

Jimmy Fallon mounts him above a fireplace so he can sing and perform Billy Bass’ classic tune, “Take Me to the Water”

Lance Bass of ‘N Sync proved he was game for pretty much anything when he dropped by “The Tonight Show.” According to Fallon, he had a viewer who asked him if there was any way he could recreate the Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish live on his show. The obvious choice was, apparently, another singing Bass.

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Wheeled out on a set piece, Bass was mounted above a fireplace on a replica of Billy Bass’ wooden plaque. He even had a red button and a gold plaque reading, “Big Mouth Lance Bass” beneath him. All Fallon had to do was push the button to start the performance, but he and Bass were having a pretty hard time holding it together. The ridiculousness of the situation was almost overwhelming.

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It ratcheted up a notch, though, when Fallon finally pushed the button and Bass started singing Billy Bass’ signature song, “Take Me to the River.” He not only sang the song, he mimicked Billy Bass’ movements, kicking his legs up and down like a fin and turning his head from front to side. It was a performance fit for a novelty gift item, for sure.