Larry King Finds Andy Cohen a Date on Tinder (Video) host sets up the Bravo star with an Italian man using the online dating app

Larry King got a Tinder tutorial from Andy Cohen — and may have found the perfect man for the single Bravo TV host and producer using the online dating app.

“You basically swipe in a certain direction,” Cohen explained during an appearance on King’s talk show Monday. “And they’ll put up a gentleman from my area.”

“You mean, it’s only for gays?” King asked.

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“No, it’s for straight people too,” Cohen said, giving the CNN vet a virtual tour of the app.

“What if you get interested?” King asked. “Is it all based on looks? Nothing on personality?”

“Well, I don’t know their personality!” Cohen countered.

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Finally, they found the perfect match for the Bravo host: Jon Carlos.

“Nice body!” King said.

It turned out Jon Carlos liked Cohen as well.

“It’s a match!” Cohen said.

“Something happened from this show?” King asked. “I predict that from this show one year from today I will come to New York, I will get a license to officiate at the marriage of Andy and Jon Carlos!”

Watch the video: