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Larry Wilmore Answers Don Lemon’s N-Word Challenge: ‘Calm Down,’ But You Really Offend Me (Video)

”You want to see what really offends me?“ the Comedy Central host says before lifting up giant sign reading, ”Don Lemon“

Larry Wilmore had some fun Tuesday at CNN anchor Don Lemon’s expense, answering Lemon on whether showing the N-word on air offends viewers.

“You want to see what really offends me?” the “Nightly Show” host said before lifting up a giant sign reading, “Don Lemon,” during a new segment called “Calm Down.”

Wilmore praised the CNN “prop closet” for having the very impressive N-word card at the ready: “Can someone snag me that n—er card; we’re talking about race, it’s alphabetized, it shouldn’t be that difficult.”

He then revealed the real reason Lemon decided to pull the N-word stunt that got him torched on Twitter, and blasted by race experts.

“Don Lemon, I know you’re still mad because that lady in Charleston yelled at you,” Wilmore said.

Watch the video.