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‘Last Man on Earth’ Season Finale: Sounds Like Erica’s Gonna Die (Exclusive Video)

Or at least end up with a prolapsed anus

Sorry, “Last Man on Earth” fans: it looks like Sunday’s season finale might not have a happy ending.

In an exclusive sneak peek provided to TheWrap, we learn that Erica’s (Cleopatra Colemanpregnancy suddenly isn’t going so well. Carol (Kristen Schaal), the other expecting mom, pretty much promises young Jasper (Keith L. Williams) that his Aussie guardian is going to die.

“If that doesn’t sound like a death wail, then I’m a paperclip!” Carol says of the screams traveling throughout their compound.

These days, they’re all just trying to avoid prolapsed anuses.

When Jasper asks Melissa (January Jones) what the medical condition means, she matter-of-factly explains: “It’s when you poop your butt.”

So, there ya go. Watch the video above.

“The Last Man on Earth” concludes Sunday with back-to-back episodes beginning at 9 p.m. on Fox.