‘Last Man on Earth’ Will Forte Wants Less Kristen Schaal PDA, More January Jones (Exclusive Video)

Carol just wants to get down to having a ton of babies with Phil

Will Forte‘s Phil Miller may have rushed into that whole marriage thing with Kristen Schaal‘s Carol Pilbasian on Fox’s “The Last Man on Earth.”

That’s because new girl January Jones‘ Melissa Shart is now in the running, and the suddenly clean-shaven Miller wouldn’t mind pulling a one-sided wife swap.

In this clip from Sunday’s episode, which is exclusive to TheWrap, Phil implores Carol to cut down on the public displays of affection in front of Melissa. He then slyly asks for one more thing.

“Think about Melissa,” he started. “How would you feel if you had to watch me and Melissa make out all the time? Would you be OK with that?”

“I mean, would you be OK with that?” he repeated, changing his tone from rhetorical to serious.

When Carol propositions Phil to make “as many babies as possible” with her, he balks even further at his recent lonely life decision.

“The Last Man on Earth” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

Watch the video: