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At Last, Trendy 3D Eyewear!

RealD is partnering with Look3D to release specs in time for ”Avatar“ — including prescription.

Soon, moviemakers and technology companies hope that filmgoers will reach for a set of 3D set of specs before heading to the local cineplex just as they would grab a pair of sunglasses on a particularly sunny day.

To this end, RealD, makers of 90 percent of the country’s 3D projectors, announced Wednesday that they have reached a licensing agreement with Look3D, makers of 3D eyeware, tapping the company to design, manufacture and distribute premium 3D eyewear.

Look3D eyewear will be compatible with all RealD theaters worldwide. The glasses will be of a higher optical grade than the current glasses handed out to viewers of 3D releases in movie theaters, and can be made to fit a moviegoer’s perscription. The company is already piloting a line of eyeware designed to fit a child.

“Moviegoers will be able to pick from a full line-up of premium RealD 3D glasses in cool designs with shapes and styles that hug the face like regular glasses,” Rhett Adam, director of Look3D, said in a statement.

The new eyeware will be availble for purchase in December with sales through Look3D, at movie theaters and online retail sites. Not coincidently, that month happens to bring with it the release of James Cameron’s "Avatar," which hits screens on Dec. 18.

“Movie fans will have a pair of RealD 3D glasses personalized in style and fit, and certified by RealD to assure a fantastic movie experience," said Joseph Peixoto, RealD president of worldwide cinema. "We look forward to additional announcements about the introduction of designer 3D glasses from top fashion brands.”

Look3D will also offer a themed collection of glasses with colors, shapes and other design elements matching a variety of upcoming 3D major motion picture releases.

The cost of the premium glasses hasn’t yet been announced, but a company spokeswomen told TheWrap that there will be a range of pricing based on eyewear styles — similar to sunglasses. Eventually the company hopes to offer a designer line of 3D glasses from the likes of Gucci and Calvin Klein.