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‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Writers Discover the Secret to Surviving Trump’s America: Fist Fights (Video)

Meyers had two of his writers, Amber Ruffin and Ally Hord, on for a new ”Point, Counterpoint“ and the discussion ended in gleeful violence

Tuesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” we got a new edition of the show’s excellent recurring segment “Point, Counterpoint,” in which the show’s writers Amber Ruffin and Ally Hord appear to discuss a series of current topics.

The joke of the bit is that Hord will discuss the topics at hand in a very serious manner while Ruffin will then take whatever the last thing Hord said as an excuse to go off on a hilarious non-sequitor. And this time, the debate ended in a joyful display of violence in which Hord and Ruffin got to bond over beating down a mannequin dressed like Meyers.

“It seems that every day that someone within Trump’s world resigns or is fired,” Meyers said to start off the bit. “Is this a sign of a house in chaos or that President Trump finally seems to know the kind of team he needs? Ally?”

“You’re giving him too much credit,” Hord replied. “All this turnover isn’t calculated. It’s the tantrums of a man-child. It’s like if a middle school bully tried to run a PTA meeting. Trump is nothing but a big, fat baby.”

And then Ruffin took the whole thing in a completely different direction.

“I love, big, fat babies. you see one and you ask, ‘how did you get so fat if all you eat is milk, little baby?’ But they don’t answer because they’re a baby. And when they’re real fat you get to put your finger on their chin and go ‘Hey, hey, hey, it’s Fat Albert.’ It’s the cutest,” Ruffin said.

For the second topic, Hord said that Trump’s transgender military ban was just another one of “Trump’s distracting stunts,” to which Ruffin replied that she absolutely loves cool stunts in movies. Which led to the climax of the segment.

“After Joe Biden said in a speech he would have beat Trump up in high school, Trump tweeted that if they did fight, Biden would have gone down hard and fast while crying ahead of the midterms. Is this the sort of leadership we need from either party? Ally?” Meyers asked.

“It’s like we’ve completely forgotten how a leader is supposed to act,” Hord said. “This country has gone insane. I’ve lost all hope.”

“I know what would make you feel better,” Ruffin replied

“I’m not giving you a hug,” Hord declared stubbornly

“Oh. Well, then, how about a big stunt sequence?” Ruffin asked. Hord liked the idea, and the two immediately began a dramatic fight on stage that eventually involved Hord smashing a vase over Ruffin’s head, Ruffin kicking Hord through a wall, and the two of them teaming up on a mannequin dressed up like Meyers.

“Take a closer look at this, bitch,” Ruffin said as they threw the mannequin over Meyers’ desk.

The conflict ended with Ruffin pinning Hord’s arm behind her back until she finally agreed to a hug.

You can watch all of “Point, Counterpoint” from Tuesday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in the video embedded at the top of this post.