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‘Late Show’ Newsman Can’t Tell the Difference Between the ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon and Trump Himself (Video)

The anchor in the fake news segment described the real Trump’s real body as ”a grotesque caricature, an outrage“

“The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” typically begins with a cold open sketch poking fun and/or insulting Trump and his fellow Republicans.

Tuesday’s opening sketch, which featured “Late Show” writer Brian Stack as a British news anchor on a fake news show, which was a clever setup since “The Late Show” immediately follows local news in many markets.

In the bit, Stack’s fake newsman talked about the large balloon depicting Donald Trump as a baby that will fly over London when he visits the city this weekend.

“Welcome back to the evening news. On the day President Trump embarked on his trip to Europe for the NATO summit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan allowed an unflattering depiction of President Trump and here with his opinion, Nigel Farage,” Stack said, as the show spliced in a real clip of the far-right British politician Farage complaining about the balloon.

Farage: “As far as this blimp, as they call it, this big balloon of Trump, this has all come from Sadiq Khan’s department. Sadiq clearly does not like the U.S. president. I cannot imagine any city in the world would treat a visiting American president with this amount of disrespect. The whole thing is a disgrace.”

Then the sketch threw it back to Stack.

“Thank you for that report, Nigel. I couldn’t agree more. The American president landed in Brussels today where he will meet with NATO secretary — hold on, what? Could this be happening again? Look at this,” Stack said as a video of the actual Trump disembarking Air Force One in Belgium. From here, the bit became a joke about how the real Trump is just as gross as the balloon in London.

“Brussels has also allowed an offensive Trump balloon. So disrespectful. A grotesque caricature, an outrage. Look at this infantile pink-hued abomination,” Stack said, before really piling on.

“To treat an American president this way, twice! Misshapen, malformed homunculus, bobbling about. Disgusting depiction. Bloated, obscene, absolutely — what?”

At this point a news producer comes on stage and whispers in Stack’s ear, informing the anchor that what he’s looking at is Trump himself, not a caricature.

“It can’t be. That’s human?” Stack asked, before trying to recover from the gaffe. “He looks good. And now on to sport.”

You can watch this cold open sketch from Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show” in the video embedded at the top of this post.