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Laura Ingraham Attacks Jon Stewart as ‘Sneering Prig’ Who’s ‘Blissfully Self-Unaware’ on Racial Issues (Video)

”Today, he’s just another race activist, desperate for credibility,“ Ingraham argued

Laura Ingraham attacked Jon Stewart on Monday night’s “The Angle,” calling him a “sneering prig” for his views on racial equality in the U.S. and accusing him of stacking his panel of guests to team up on author Andrew Sullivan.

“The only thing funny about Jon Stewart these days is how blissfully self-unaware he is,” she said.

Ingraham took issue with a recent segment on Stewart’s show “The Problem with Jon Stewart” titled, “The Problem With White People.” In it, Stewart and his panel spoke to Sullivan, who disagreed with the premise that all white people are responsible for systemic racism, and argued that America has “a great history.”

“By calling today a white supremacy, you are minimizing actual white supremacy,” Sullivan argued.

In response, one of Stewart’s panelists said she refused to argue “with another white man” and said “Every single white person upholds the systems and structures of white supremacy, and we have got to talk about it.”

When Stewart praised her answer, Sullivan said Stewart was upholding her characterization of him as “a racist.” To that, Stewart sniped, “You’ve been doing a pretty good job with it yourself there.”

After playing back several clips of the conversation, Ingraham weighed in (you can watch her segment in the video above). Ingraham also claimed that Stewart was “so afraid” of having a one-on-one debate with Sullivan that he purposefully built a panel to team up on the author.

“And he’s the same sneering prig who 18 years ago lectured the hosts of ‘Crossfire’ on CNN about the need for more respectful, more informed discourse,” Ingraham added. “Well today, he’s just another race activist, desperate for credibility in an America that as Andrew said, is the most multi-cultural, multi-ethnic that it’s ever been.”

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