Laura Ingraham: Audience for Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ Is Just Pedophiles (Video)

The Fox News host bolstered a Qanon conspiracy movement regarding the film, though she didn’t mention the group specifically

On her Fox news show Friday night, Laura Ingraham promoted a Qanon conspiracy regarding the Netflix movie “Cuties,” claiming that the movie is for pedophiles. Her guest, Matt Walsh, said that “major media figures” are “circling the perv wagons” around the film as they defend it from conspiracy theorists.

A French film, “Cuties” is about a preteen girl who rebels against her hyperconservative religious mother by joining a dance team — but that dance team sexualizes the girls, and creates new emotional issues for this girl and her friends. The film serves to comment on — and criticize! — that sort of sexualization of young girls.

The conspiracy theorists, and now Laura Ingraham, argue that depiction equals endorsement. Ingraham said that “this Netflix film takes us one step closer to fully pornified culture.”

“I don’t know who else but pedophiles and creeps would want to make a dime off this garbage. Well, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, that’s who,” Ingraham said, before complaining about Netflix’s defense of “Cuties.”

Ingraham also accused the Obamas of somehow being complicit because they have a relationship with Netflix — she said they have stayed quiet about the topic because Hastings is a Democrat. She also introduced this topic with an on-screen graphic that said “Biden’s friends and child exploitation.”

“Democrats will always side with pornographers over the regular people,” Ingraham railed.

“Somewhere along the line, Hollywood and the word ‘decency’ ran in the opposite directions. And remember this: as in the Obama years and in a Biden administration, people like Netflix CEO Hastings, he’ll have open door access to press his pet causes. he’ll seek to influence Biden on all manner of social issues, race relations and a lot of other things, because only in the entertainment bubble would a guy who profits off the exploitation of children on film still believe he has any moral authority.”

The far-right conspiracy theory at the heart of Qanon is that Donald Trump is the lone hero fighting against a cabal of pedophile sex traffickers who control the world and Hollywood and various left-leaning institutions. “Cuties” came under fire last month for a provocative poster that Netflix put out for it, and the Qanon folks quickly integrated this furor into its stable of conspiracies.

You can read more about how “Cuties” fits in with all that Qanon stuff here and here and here and here.

After ranting for a while, Ingraham brought in guest Matt Walsh to talk about the “Cuties” conspiracy theories, and prompted him: “What is your message to those who are defending this Netflix film as some sort of legitimate social commentary?”

Walsh immediately accused everyone defending the film of being liars.

“First of all, I don’t believe that they believe what they’re saying,” Walsh said, before proceeding to claim that nobody ever referred to it as a critique of the hypersexualization of young girls until the backlash occurred.

“There is no context, there’s no plot, there’s no story, there’s no intention, that could ever make it okay.”

Walsh also, citing his alleged sympathy for the young actresses in the film, said that “Cuties” is “exploiting these kids to send whatever message you’re trying to send,”

Ingraham also said “this is being done to titillate a certain audience, and that audience is an audience, sorry, but it’s comprised of pedophiles who have a lot of fare to choose from, frankly, right now in the culture”

Ingraham closed the segment by insisting she wasn’t just mad about this because the CEO of Netflix supports Democratic causes.

Ingraham wasn’t the only prominent conservative to go after “Cuties” on Friday — Rep. Tulsi Gabbard did a tweet about it, and Sen. Josh Hawley apparently sent a physical letter to Netflix to complain about it.

You can watch Ingraham’s conversation with Walsh in the video embedded in this article.


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