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Laura Ingraham Rips Lincoln Project: ‘Didn’t Move a Single Vote’ From Trump (Video)

The Fox News host spared a moment Wednesday night to mock the Never Trump Republicans who both sides dislike this week

The Lincoln Project is not the most popular group of people at the moment, being a group of conservatives who have found no place in either the Democratic Party of Trump’s Republican Party. And Laura Ingraham wanted to hammer the latter part of that statement home on her show Wednesday night.

Ingraham kicked off her first show after Election Day by ripping pollsters who predicted that Biden would win the popular by a larger margin than he probably will end up with. Though it’s worth noting that Biden is dominating in the popular vote, and is very close to earning the 270 electoral votes he needs to win the whole thing.

Laura, though, was more interested in pollster takes on down ballot races, like Lindsey Graham’s battle against Jaime Harrison for one of South Carolina’s Senate seats, which didn’t turn out to be much of a fight after all.

“They don’t know the country outside their own liberal metropolitan area, they don’t know it at all. Republicans did much much better than nearly every expert predicted, but no group, I think, failed as spectacularly as the grifters at the Lincoln Project,” Ingraham said.

“They’re all supposedly former Republicans, all of them hacks funded by wealthy liberals. They didn’t move a single vote away from Donald Trump. Trump guarded 63 million votes in 2016, and already close to 68 million despite enduring years of attack — so 68 million votes in 2020. Yet the media slavishly elevated these hateful people from the Lincoln Project.”

Ingraham will find unlikely allies on the topic of the Lincoln Project, who many on the left have directed their ire at on Wednesday. While folks on the left enjoyed the Lincoln Project’s anti-Trump marketing leading up to the election, with exit polls indicating Trump actually increased Republican support vs 2016 — 93% this time versus 88% in 2016 — it doesn’t look like they had much tangible impact.

Here’s a small sampling of folks who aren’t aligned with conservative interests who were about feeling the same way as Ingraham was about the Lincoln Project on Wednesday:

Ingraham kept going with some more standard complaints about the media.

“It might be the case that Donald Trump ends up losing. It might be. But conservatives were rightly irate last night at how slowly Trump’s wins were declared in states like Florida and Texas by the media. I share that frustration. And I trust that the Trump campaign and his lawyers will do the right thing in all of these challenges,” Ingraham said, though it’s not clear what her complaint actually is.

You can watch the relevant portion of Wednesday’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle” in the clip embedded up at the top of this article.