Laura Ingraham Takes Credit for Pornhub Video Purge (Video)

Ingraham applauded herself Monday night: “This show’s crusade against the slime at Pornhub is beginning to make a difference”

On Monday, Pornhub removed all the unverified videos that had ever been posted on this site as a way of curbing the spread of videos of rape and sex crimes on the platform, and Laura Ingraham pounced on the news as an excuse to congratulate herself for making this happen.

“This show’s crusade against the slime at Pornhub is beginning to make a difference,” Ingraham said in her opening segment tease for her discussion about the news. “But is the smut portal’s latest move enough?”

Ingraham’s hubris with regards to this topic is likely misplaced. Last week, both Visa and Mastercard announced they would not allow transactions on Pornhub after the companies discovered illegal content on the tube site. That came came immediately after The New York Times published a column that called out the porn giant for hosting videos of children and sexual assault. This purge of unverified videos is the latest development is Pornhub’s response that all that.

But Ingraham continued with her self-congratulation.

“After the pressure campaign highlighted on this show, the smut peddlers at PornHub announced they’re removing all unverified videos from their website,” Ingraham said.

“They purged more than 10 million videos that were infested with child porn, rape and other violent acts. This is essentially an admission of guilt from PornHub that, though they’ve been monetizing vile and criminal acts and the fact that they were able to find so much of it in just a week, shows us they could have controlled this the entire time.”

“But of course there’s a catch,” Ingraham complained. “users that have had their videos taken down can now simply petition Pornhub to be verified, verified, and resume posting.”

But, Ingraham said, “We can’t allow it to be papered over with a promise that oh, we’re taking down these videos, we’ve taken down these videos.”

You can watch the quoted portion of Monday’s episode of “Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle” in the video embedded up at the top of this article.


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