Laura Ingraham Dinged for Sharing False Story About Government Ban on Catholic Rituals – in Canada

“Toronto is in Canada,” numerous respondents pointed out after Fox News host suggested Joe Biden doesn’t care about religious people

laura ingraham
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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham attacked presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Twitter Friday, but ended up on the receiving end of criticism herself.

“Will Joe Biden do more to protect religious liberty than Donald Trump? Not a prayer,” Ingraham asked while sharing a post from a conservative blog titled “City of Toronto Bans Catholic Churches From Administering Holy Communion.”

Communion has not been banned in Toronto, but the Archdiocese of Toronto is working on new protocols to keep in-person worship safe for Catholics who want to receive the sacrament amid the coronavirus.

“The Archdiocese of Toronto — which includes 27 municipalities and stretches well beyond the city’s borders — has implemented a modified version of communion where a priest delivers his blessing from more than two metres away, hands the congregant their wafer, and they then move more than two metres away from the priest before removing their mask and consuming the bread,” reports Canada’s Global News.

Beyond that, however, Ingraham got torn up on Twitter for suggesting that what is or isn’t happening in Canada has anything to do with Biden — who’s running for president of the United States — or his policies here in America.

“Toronto is in Canada,” wrote numerous respondents to her tweet.