New ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’ Trailer Leans Into the Taylor Sheridan Show’s ‘Lone Ranger’ Connections (Video)

The new Paramount+ series debuts in November

“Lawmen: Bass Reeves” is the beginning of a new television franchise and a dramatization of one of the most fabled, as the title would suggest, lawmen of all time and one of the first Black U.S. Marshals. He was also supposedly the basis for The Lone Ranger, something that is very clear from the brand-new trailer for the series, which you can watch above.

David Oyelowo plays Reeves, who in the trailer tells a child who asks if he’s a lawman or an outlaw that he’s “a bit of both.” Dennis Quaid is a Deputy U.S. Marshal who also seems to be a mentor. And Forrest Goodluck plays Billy Crow, Reeves’ sidekick and a very Tonto-seeming character. (Even the new poster that was released seems to evoke the spirit of The Lone Ranger’s horse Silver.) Barry Pepper, Demi Singleton, Garrett Hedlund, Donald Sutherland, Dale Dickey and Shea Whigham also star.

According to the official synopsis, the series “follows the journey of Reeves and his rise from enslavement to law enforcement as the first Black U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi. Despite arresting over 3,000 outlaws during the course of his career, the weight of the badge was heavy, and he wrestled with its moral and spiritual cost to his beloved family.”

“Lawmen: Bass Reeves” is executive produced by Oyelowo and Taylor Sheridan, who initially considered “Bass Reeves” an expansion of the “Yellowstone” prequel “1883” before settling on establishing a new franchise altogether. Oyelowo and Sheridan are joined on the show by executive producers David C. Glasser, Jessica Oyelowo, David Permut, Christina Alexandra Voros, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari and David Hutkin. Chad Feehan serves as creator, showrunner, executive producer and writer.

The series will premiere on November 5 on Paramount+ in the United States and all Paramount+ international markets. New episodes will premiere every Sunday.


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