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‘Leftovers’ Star Carrie Coon on Trampoline Bouncing to Wu-Tang, How Grief Hits the Body (Video)

”Damon took us to a very physical place … because humans hold trauma in their bodies,“ Coon says

The characters of “The Leftovers” are desperate souls haunted by the disappearance of two percent of the world’s population — but, sometimes, you just gotta jump up and down on a trampoline.

Carrie Coon visited TheWrap to discuss the emotional journey of the final season of the HBO series, and how her character Nora Durst expressed a rare and positive sign of coping with the lost of her two children and husband.

“Rarely do we see a kind of healthy copying mechanism [on TV],” Coon told TheWrap of a particularly joyous and buzzy scene where she and costar Regina King decide to take their frustrations out on a backyard trampoline.

Wu Tang Clan pumps through the air as the w0men bounce up and down, leaving their earth-bound troubles behind.

“I love that Damon took us to a very physical place, took us out of our bodies, because humans hold trauma in their bodies,” Coon continued.

Check out the clip above for more with Emmy contender Coon.