‘Legion’ Star Katie Aselton Says Melania Trump Should ‘Get Katie Holmes Lawyers’ (Exclusive Video)

“She signed on for a penthouse, and she got the White House,” actress tells TheWrap

Last Updated: March 8, 2017 @ 2:40 PM

“Legion” star Katie Aselton says she’s got Melania Trump’s back. But there’s one catch.

In a tweet last month, the “Legion” star said she’d support the first lady if she were to call it quits. “Please tell me you’re resigning too… I got your back if you do,” she wrote at the time.

Aselton explained her tweet in an interview with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell, saying that Trump’s relationship with her husband “kind of breaks my heart.”

“All of these videos of Donald getting into the car and letting her walk around, she just looks so sad,” Aselton said. “My heart just sort of goes out to her.”

Her recommendation for what the first lady should do if she is in fact unhappy with her marriage? Take a page out of the escaping Scientology playbook, the FX Marvel series actress suggests:”Let’s get Katie Holmes lawyers in there… We’ll figure something out. We’ll save you.”

The relationship between Donald and Melania Trump became a topic of conversation after a video of a brief interaction between the two at the inauguration went viral. The clip appears to show Melania smiling while her husband turns to look at her, but immediately frowning when he looks away.

“That can’t be a happy marriage, I don’t know. But who knows?” Aselton said. “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe they’re so happy.”

“It really hurts my heart a lot. A lot,” she continued. “She signed on for a penthouse, and she got the White House.”

Watch TheWrap’s interview with Aselton in the video above.