Lena Dunham Talks ‘Scandal’ Guest Appearance, Portia de Rossi’s Eyebrows on ‘Ellen’ (Video)

The “Girls” star said she had to learn to speak her lines at “Scandal”-pace

Lena Dunham had trouble pacing her dialogue while making a guest appearance on ABC’s “Scandal.”

“I talked the fastest I could possibly talk and then they said ‘Faster,’” Dunham said during an appearance on Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Ellen, whose wife Portia de Rossi stars on the show, chimed in: “It’s called ‘Scandal’-pace. You get it down, then they say, ‘Do it in ‘Scandal’-pace now.’”

Dunham shifted the conversation to de Rossi, and heaped praise on her eyebrows.

“I was quizzing [de Rossi] to the point that she must have been uncomfortable. Like ‘How did you do that? Do you have extensions?’” Dunham said. “I talked about them so much that the hair and makeup people actually gave me a serum, like eyebrow Rogaine, that’s supposed to help.”

Watch the video here.