Leonardo DiCaprio Meets With Donald Trump on Environment

Oscar winner presents Trump team with a “framework” on how focus on renewable, clean energy could create millions of jobs

Leonardo DiCaprio Golden Globes
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Leonardo DiCaprio met with Donald Trump on Wednesday to discuss a matter very close to the “Revenant” actor’s heart — the environment.

The Oscar winner, the president-elect, Ivanka Trump and Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, had a meeting at Trump Tower in New York City to discuss how jobs that center on preserving the environment can boost the economy, the Associated Press reported.

DiCaprio and Tamminen presented Trump’s team with a “framework” on how focusing on renewable, clean energy could create millions of job, the spokesperson said.

Green issues have long been of great interest to DiCaprio and he has been an outspoken advocate for action on climate change for many years.

His latest documentary on the crisis, “Before the Flood,” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in October, where it was described by TheWrap’s Steve Pond as “a straightforward, elegantly presented survey of the science on climate change — and suggestions on how humans can halt the potentially catastrophic damage we’ve created.”

With the film being released just weeks before the presidential campaign, DiCaprio was already looking toward the future while at the festival.

“We cannot afford to have leaders in office who do not believe in the modern science of climate change,” he said during a Q&A in Toronto. “This needs to be at the forefront of every conversation in world politics.”

According to the Associated Press, DiCaprio gave Ivanka Trump a DVD of the film earlier this week.

The “Departed” star was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, however he was forced to pull out of hosting a fundraiser for her in August due to scheduling conflicts.