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‘Les Misérables’ Footage of Anne Hathaway Singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ Screens at CinemaCon

"Les Misérables" started filming last month, but Universal screened footage with glimpses of Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and Eddie Redmayne

Move over Susan Boyle: Anne Hathaway is the next diva putting a distinctive spin on "I Dreamed a Dream," based on early footage of "Les Misérables" that Universal screened at CinemaCon on Thursday. 

Universal Pictures Chairman Adam Fogelson warned the audience at the exhibition trade show in Las Vegas that the early look still hadn't been touched up.

Hathaway's singing was captured on the set — something Fogelson said Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper ("The King's Speech") planned to do as much as possible. 

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"It is raw and it is real," Fogelson said. 

The footage, set to the Broadway show's famous ballad, contained glimpses of Russell Crowe as the obsessed Inspector Javert and Hugh Jackman as the reformed convict, Jean Valjean. There were also quick shots of Eddie Redmayne as Marius, a student activist, and Amanda Seyfried as Valjean's adopted daughter, Cosette, all set against the backdrop of 19th century France. 

But it was Hathaway and her vocal talents that were most prominently on display.

Get ready musical lovers: "Les Misérables" hits theaters on Dec. 14. 

Correction: An earlier version of this story mistakenly reported  "Les Misérables" took place during the French Revolution.