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Les Moonves, Louis CK, Asia Argento and Closure (Podcast)

Moonves’ case may be at the end. But no clear end is in site for many other #MeToo cases

With Les Moonves’ exit from CBS this weekend, his case may finally have something that may never come in the cases of Louis CK and Asia Argento: a semblance of closure.

The question of how to resolve #MeToo cases is the subject of the latest “Low Key” podcast, which you can listen to on Apple or right here.

On each episode of “Low Key,” hosts Keith Dennie, Aaron Lanton and me talk about the nuances of pop culture issues we think others have overlooked.

Moonves was ousted because he worked for a large, publicly traded corporation subject to board oversight and the scrutiny of news and social media. But what about someone like Louis CK, who has no boss? There is no org chart or HR department in standup comedy, with means CK’s admitted violations — repeatedly masturbating in front of female colleagues — aren’t subject to the kind of corporate oversight that ousted Moonves. In many ways, it is up to the public to decide his fate by either showing up to his shows or not. And many people have different feelings about when, if ever, he should come back.

Argento’s case is murky as well, in that we may never know exactly what happened, and a man she says played a key role ion the situation — Anthony Bourdain — is tragically gone.

Where is the closure in cases like those of Louis CK and Asia Argento’s? Is it up to the public to decide?  Or will there never be any closure?