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Lesley Stahl Challenges Trump on Economy in ’60 Minutes’ Preview: ‘You Know That’s Not True’

CBS News released a clip of the contentious interview before its Sunday air date

CBS News released a clip of the contentious “60 Minutes” interview between President Donald Trump and Lesley Stahl Thursday. In it, she challenges him on the economy, telling the president at one point that he knows what he’s saying is “not true.”

Stahl asked about Trump’s “biggest domestic priority,” to which he replied his administration “created the greatest economy in the history of our country.”

When she told him he knew that wasn’t true, he fought back, insisting that it was. She had to ask again about his biggest priority For a second term and he said his goal was to “get back to normal.”

The preview from CBS News came amid threats from Trump that he and his team would release the full exchange before Sunday’s episode of the news magazine. CBS News told TheWrap earlier this week the White House had said their recording was only for archival purposes.

Trump walked out of the Tuesday interview early and began provoking Stahl on Twitter that evening, tweeting about her and claiming he would be releasing the full interview. Wednesday, the president continued to tweet about the journalist, posting numerous photos of her with no caption or context.

After the preview aired on Thursday’s “CBS This Morning,” correspondent Nikole Killion told viewers, “The president ended up cutting that interview with Lesley Stahl short. ’60 Minutes’ has a history of asking tough questions of presidential candidates during the run-up to the election.”