Leslie Jones Slams Herschel Walker: If Someone Like Him Can Win, ‘They’re Basically Calling Us F–ing Idiots’ (Video)

“None of these people really give a f– about America,” said the “SNL” alum

Comedian Leslie Jones didn’t beat around the bush when it came to her feelings about Herschel Walker and the upcoming midterm elections.

On the latest episode of Earwolf’s “The Fckery,” the podcast host blasted the Georgia Senate candidate in an impassioned plea to her listeners.

“We need to get out the vote you guys,” said Jones. “Because to me I feel like if somebody like Herschel Walker can go up for office and win, then they’re basically calling us f–ing idiots. And what’s to show we’re not f–ing idiots by letting somebody like that get into office.”

She continued, “None of these people are here to save their people or here to save fate. They’re here to control, they’re here to f– up, they’re here to make money. None of these people really give a f– about America.”

Jones also had a message for those who say they believe in progressive reform but haven’t followed through by voting: “Where y’all at? Are y’all gonna show up to polls, because November’s about to happen and this is the one. This is the one y’all need to show up for.”

The clip ended on a personal appeal to the “SNL” alum’s listeners and followers, as well as recommendations for voting resources.

“This is not just ‘The Fckery,’ of the week,” she said. “This is Leslie Jones begging her followers, the people who listen to me, the people who live in this country and actually really do care about this f–ng country. I care about the people in this country, I care about what’s happening to us.”

The latest polls from FiveThirtyEight suggest that the Georgia race, one of the most closely-watched throughout election season, is neck and neck, with Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock polling 0.4% higher than his rival as of Nov. 2. The New York Times‘ Oct. 31 poll had Warnock polling at 49% to Walker’s 46%.

Watch the full clip above.