‘Lessons in Chemistry’ Showrunner and Director Spotlight the Ring Scene in Episode 7: ‘This Is not a Traditional Love Story’

“It really is a moment for Calvin and Lewis to shine,” showrunner Lee Eisenberg tells TheWrap

Lewis Pullman and Brie Larson in "Lessons in Chemistry" (Apple TV+)

Warning, this piece contains spoilers for “Lessons in Chemistry” Episode 7.

In the penultimate episode of the Apple TV+ series, Calvin hunts down a ring that reflects Elizabeth so well down to the way he describes it — “simple but complex.”  The episode takes viewers back in time to both Calvin’s childhood as well as his perspective of finding love with Elizabeth before he died in Episode 2.

“Calvin wanted a ring, but he doesn’t want the biggest ring in the shop, and not because he can’t afford it, but because that’s not Elizabeth. Seeing, seeing this woman kind of walk him through and realize, ‘Oh, this is not a traditional love story. She’s experiencing that, and then and then presents him with this ring. That is simple and it’s and it’s just perfectly Elizabeth.” Eisenberg said. “ I think the way that Lewis plays that scene, I thought that actress who plays the clerk is excellent, but it really is a moment for Calvin and Lewis to shine. I find it so romantic. Again, it’s a scene that I think a lot of men have been in that situation, yet he’s so in love with her, and so wants to get it right. And to find a ring that is the perfect personification of the person that you’re going to propose to is such a lovely thing.”

Calvin’s attempt to purchase the perfect wedding ring for Elizabeth culminates in a scene that is sure to inspire feelings of some sort. Miele said they shot on location at a place in South Pasadena, and that she took great care to capture the moment despite the short amount of time they had.

“I remember it was at the end of our day, and we didn’t have that much time. It’s this lovely scene, but just between two people and so I wanted there to be a discomfort for him and this sales lady to just be like trying to keep up with this weird guy and what his thing is, and then do just be charmed, you know, beyond anything,” she said. “ I’m so charmed by Lewis Pullman. I just think he is the bee’s knees.”

Reverend Wakely (Patrick Walker) began to encourage Calvin in their exchange of letters that he wasn’t meant to be alone. The reverend even practiced scientific jargon and persuaded Calvin to be open to unexpected variables. The priest was a huge influence in Calvin’s consideration of proposing to Elizabeth at all.

“I love when you get to see a story that you think you’ve seen already, but now you see it from a different perspective, from a different character’s POV. That was something that was really, it was incredibly challenging — what moments are we including, what moments are we not,” Eisenberg said. “But seeing him meet Elizabeth and hearing about it from his point of view, rather than going home with her, which is what we had seen in episodes one and two, seeing him buy the engagement ring, all of these moments that you’d kind of had been hinted upon that you realize that ‘Oh my God,’ there’s like these little easter eggs that we kind of placed for the audience throughout. And now we’re kind of paying them off. That was something storytelling-wise that was very exciting to us.”

Seven out of eight episodes of “Lessons in Chemistry” are now available to stream on Apple TV+.


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