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Let’s Refresh Your Movie Theater Etiquette Before Silent Trip to ‘A Quiet Place’ (Video)

Popcorn munching? Candy rattling? No, stop and shush

Last Updated: April 7, 2018 @ 3:44 PM

John Krasinski’s thriller “A Quiet Place” hits theaters this Friday, but heed TheWrap’s warning — the film plays a sensory game as you spend nearly all of the 95-minute run time in total silence.

Yes, there are jump scares and a dramatic score. But watching Krasinski and [real-life] wife, Emily Blunt, battle unseen forces creates major anticipation with no audible payoff — it turns the theater into a vigil starring you and your fellow moviegoers, rooting for the good guys to survive.

So let’s talk about your movie theater etiquette. Film reporters Matt Donnelly and Beatrice Verhoeven walk you through the dos and don’ts for your upcoming trip to “A Quiet Place.”

And we are not the dancing Twizzlers you see before the movie gently asking you to turn off your phone. You guys are loud.

Your honking cup and straw? No. Going to town on popcorn with your back molars? Stop.

Watch the video above and enjoy a quiet trip to see “A Quiet Place” from this Friday.