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Let’s Talk About Jay-Z, David Letterman, and Saving Your Relationship (Podcast)

Also paper routes, ninjas, and ”Infinity War“ predictions

Jay-Z’s wife is understandably getting a lot more attention than he is lately. Beyonce ruled Coachella last weekend, and will surely do it again in her second performance. But homebodies who can’t make it out to the California desert can also see something spectacular by watching Jay-Z’s talk with David Letterman on Netflix’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

It’s an extremely memorable conversation, filled with cross-cultural translation, that delves into a frank and frankly helpful talk about relationships between two men who have made mistakes and owned up to them. And it’s the subject of the latest “Low Key” podcast, which you can hear on Apple or right here:

“Low Key” is a podcast in which super nerds Aaron Lanton, Keith Dennie and me at pop culture through a racial lens, trying to make sense of low-key key things that may evade attention in most mainstream discourse.

For all their differences — the episode plays up the different types of paper routes Jay-Z and Letterman had as kids — they find extremely common ground talking about how they made mistakes in their relationships, and what they did to fix them. We talk about how rare and potentially helpful their conversation is.

We also talk, of course, about some predictions for “Avengers: Infinity War,” and also why you may want to hire a personal ninja. It’s a good episode.

If you like “Low Key,” be sure to check out Aaron and Keith on “Meanwhile in the Multiverse,” in which they look at real-life events from the perspective of an alternate reality to help make sense of the world in which we actually live.

And you can find Matt Donnelly and me on the “Shoot This Now” podcast, in which we talk about stories that should be made into TV shows or movies. This week, we talk about a story of young love and bloody sheets. You’ll like it.

Have fun at Coachella, on your couch, or wherever you get your relationship insight and ninja advice.