‘The Batman’ Was the Most Popular Film on Letterboxd in 2022, but ‘Everything Everywhere’ Was the Highest Rated

“Barbie” is the Most Anticipated Film of 2023, and Netflix’s “Purple Hearts” is the Most Divisive Film of 2022

Robert Pattinson The Batman
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Letterboxd’s Year in Review for 2022 has landed, and “The Batman” was the most-watched film for Letterboxd users last year. But the highest-rated honor went to “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” 

Calculated from the Letterboxd community’s combined ratings as of Jan. 1, 2023, eligible films must have had a first national release within any country between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 in the year 2022 as well as a required minimum of 2000 ratings following the release.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once has dominated the Letterboxd fanbase since its premiere, even briefly holding the number one spot of all time within three weeks of release,” said Letterboxd co-founder Matthew Buchanan. “Watching those first member reviews come through from SXSW and how the community embraced the film so quickly, what was to become arguably the most talked about independent release of the year, was incredibly special to witness.”

Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” — which garnered the Most Anticipated in 2022 title — secured the titles for Most Popular Film as well as Most Obsessively Rewatched film of 2022. Reeves also became Letterboxd’s Most Watched Director of the year.

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” reigns as 2023’s Most Anticipated film, and Netflix’s “Purple Hearts” was 2022’s Most Divisive film.

Letterboxd, which has amassed a community of film lovers and exploded in popularity during the pandemic, ended 2021 with five million members and rose to eight million in 2022.

“Whether it be a miniscule mollusc, an IMAX-sized flying tiger, a water spirit or a honey-slathered Steve-O, the Letterboxd community has stared into the everything bagel and come out refreshed and awakened to new possibilities in cinema,” said editor-in-chief Gemma Gracewood. “As always, we’re so grateful to the visionary filmmakers, to the indefatigable movie execs who persevere in these pandemic times—and to the film lovers who embrace these works of art. Here’s to what 2023 has in store for us. Our watchlists are ready.”

Willem Dafoe secured a consecutive win of Most Watched Actor in 2022, back-to-back with 2021 which included his multiversal appearance as the Green Goblin in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Zendaya passed the mantle to Cate Blanchett for Most Watched Actress following the Australian actress’ performance in “Tár.”

The full list of Category Winners can be found below:

  • Highest Rated Film — Everything Everywhere All at Once 
  • Highest Rated Documentary — The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert
  • Highest Rated International Feature — Kadaisi Vivasayi 
  • Highest Rated Narrative Directorial Debut — Marcel the Shell with Shoes On 
  • Highest Rated Action/Adventure — Everything Everywhere All at Once 
  • Highest Rated Animation — Marcel the Shell with Shoes On 
  • Highest Rated Comedy — Everything Everywhere All at Once 
  • Highest Rated Drama — Kadaisi Vivasayi 
  • Highest Rated Horror — Pearl 
  • Highest Rated Mystery — The Batman 
  • Highest Rated Romance — Joyland 
  • Highest Rated Sci-Fi — Everything Everywhere All at Once 
  • Highest Rated Live-Action Short — There’s No End 
  • Highest Rated Animated Short — Ice Merchants 
  • Highest Rated Narrative Miniseries — This Is Going to Hurt 
  • Highest Rated Documentary Miniseries — A Brutal Pact: The Murder of Daniella Perez 
  • Highest Rated Comedy Special — Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel 
  • Highest Rated Music Film — Harry Styles: One Night Only in New York 
  • Women Directors: Highest Rated Narrative — Aftersun 
  • Women Directors: Highest Rated Documentary — Racionais MC’s: From the Streets of São Paulo 
  • Most Popular Film (based on volume of activity) — The Batman Most Obsessively Rewatched — The Batman 
  • Most Popular Documentary (based on volume of activity) — Jackass Forever 
  • Women Directors: Most Popular — Don’t Worry Darling 
  • Low Rated, Most Loved — Morbius 
  • Most Divisive — Purple Hearts 
  • Most Watched Actress — Cate Blanchett
  • Most Watched Actor — Willem Dafoe 
  • Most Watched Director — Matt Reeves 
  • Most Watched Woman Director — Olivia Wilde
  • Most Watched First-Time Director — Domee Shi
  • Most Anticipated Film of 2023 — Barbie

An optional survey was sent to thousands of US Letterboxd members and they received more than 5,500 responses; Letterboxd’s core audience reports to be hyper-consumers of film. Here are some highlights from the results of that survey:

86% of respondents say they go to the theater at least once a month

17% of respondents say they go to the theater four or more times a month

46% of respondents say they pay for four or more streaming services

74% of respondents say they still purchase physical media ; 46% use digital media to rent or buy

63% of respondents say they trust the Letterboxd average rating more than any other rating system (Rotten Tomatoes is 16%)