LeVar Burton Reads Awkward Celebrity Tweets to Children in ‘Tweeting Rainbow’ (Video)

Parody of “Reading Rainbow” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” features tweets from celebrities like Mario Lopez and Snoop Dogg

LeVar Burton offered up a modernized take on his classic “Reading Rainbow” for today’s busy kids on the go. Kids don’t have time for books anymore. Why read all that when everything you could ever want can be told in 140 characters or less? In partnership with “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” LeVar Burton presented the first-ever episode of “Tweeting Rainbow.”

The parody clip was slickly produced, and featured Burton as charming and delightful as his “Reading Rainbow” fans remember. The only difference is he was reading tweets from his phone to a group of kids, rather than a book. One tweet, from Mario Lopez, was about the “Extra” host getting a zit on his forehead that makes him look like a unicorn.

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Burton had particular fun with a tweet from Snoop Dogg, who wrote, “Put ya face in the mayo.” Burton proceed to ask the kids in the circle why Snoop Dogg would want them to do that, getting a variety of silly answers in response.

They even went on a video field trip to see where how a tweet is made.

“Reading Rainbow” became one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history when it raised $5 million toward bringing the new “Reading Rainbow” program free to more schools across the country. Now it looks like Burton is taking the brand into the high-tech world.

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But thankfully, not really. Now sing along if you know the words:

Little bird in the sky
I can go twice as high
It’s time to read
What’s in my feed
A Tweeting Rainbow

I can tweet anything
It’s time to read what’s in my feed
a Tweeting Rainbow