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Liam Hemsworth Steals Secrets – and Yes, Hearts – in Trailer for ‘Paranoia’ (Video)

Everybody's double-crossing everybody, including a very bald Harrison Ford

Do you want to see what Liam Hemsworth's new movie "Paranoia" looks like? And, do you want to see what Harrison Ford with a totally shaved head looks like? We thought so.

Yahoo posted an exclusive trailer for the thriller, in which Hemsworth plays Adam Cassidy – a young, tech-savvy Brooklyn dude who gets a complete lifestyle makeover when he is asked to steal trade secrets from his boss, Nicholas Wyatt’s (Gary Oldman) competition (Ford).

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Cassidy reluctantly takes the job to provide for his father, a security guard who has amassed nothing from his hard, blue-collar career. As if that isn't bad enough, it looks like Cassidy's scheming boss holds dad hostage in some capacity. Enter the FBI, who tell Cassidy, "Spying for Wyatt will land you in jail, double-crossing Goddard will get you killed." Tough spot to be in.

So what can Hemsworth do? He's gonna use what the two taught him, to destroy what they built. His words, not ours.

"Paranoia," which also stars Amber Heard and Richard Dreyfuss, is set to be released in theaters Aug. 16.

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