‘Muppets Mayhem’ Star Lilly Singh Reveals Why She’s Reluctant to Be Public About Her Religion: ‘Can Feel Very Icky’ (Video)

The actress and influencer tells Penn Badgley she feels religion is “used as ammo more than it’s used for unity”

YouTube star Lilly Singh, who formerly hosted the NBC talk show “A Little Late With Lilly Singh” and now costars on Disney+ series “The Muppets Mayhem,” told Penn Badgley on Thursday that although she feels connected to her religion and talks “to God every day,” she doesn’t like talking about it because religion is “used as ammo more than it’s used for unity.”

Speaking on Badgley’s “Podcrushed” podcast with Sophie Ansari and Nava Kavelin, Singh said, “My family’s not very religious. Growing up, I was probably one of the most religious members of my family.”

She continued, admitting that talking about religion publicly can “feel very icky.”

“And I’m gonna say an extra L.A. thing right now, which is, I’m not religious, I’m spiritual,” she said. “I believe in God. I talk to God every day, but I, as someone in the public eye, and maybe you all can relate, religion can feel very icky in the public space because of course it’s used as ammo more than it’s used for unity, in my opinion.”

Singh added, “So even if I have certain beliefs about like God and religion, I try not to be super public about them because I’m like, it’s doing for me great things and I don’t want you to down turn that into something that can be used as an attack against me. I don’t think that’s a healthy relationship to have.”

Singh was raised following the Indian/Dharmic religion Sikhism, but previously stated on Instagram post that she does not follow any one religion.

Watch the podcast clip in the video above.