Lindsey Graham Calls for Immediate Ouster of ‘Nothing Special’ Prosecutor Mike Weiss: ‘Investigation Was Compromised’ (Video)

The South Carolina senator called for a “fresh set of eyes” hours after Merrick Garland appointed the U.S. attorney as special counsel

Lindsey Graham was not among conservatives celebrating the new special prosecutor promotion for David Weiss, the Donald Trump-appointed U.S. attorney who for months has been investigating Hunter Biden.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Friday that Weiss had requested, and was granted, the authority to muster more law enforcement resources and potentially file and prosecute federal criminal charges as special counsel. It’s the same status afforded to Jack Smith, who has already indicted Trump on document handling and election interference charges.

Weiss, a 2018 Trump-appointed U.S. attorney for the Delaware district, began investigating tax and gun allegations against President Joe Biden’s son as early as 2019. A plea deal they brokered on a misdemeanor tax charge was shot down by a federal judge last month in part because of its broad future legal protections for Biden.

“Well, there’s nothing new or special about Mr. Weiss being made a special counsel,” the South Carolina senator said Friday on NewsNation, just hours after Garland’s announcement. “This makes every problem they have worse. This is a political decision by the Biden administration to fix their political problem, I think they poured gasoline on a political fire.”

Graham was unequivocal: Weiss and his team should be immediately fired.

“Mr. Weiss’ team needs to be replaced with a new set of eyes,” Graham said. “The whistleblowers have told us that this investigation was compromised. … The plea agreement fell apart because of a good judge. This plea agreement was a sweetheart deal nobody else in America would get. So the only way you got to fix this problem is to assign somebody new to the case, not change the title of the guy already involved.”

Someone needs to tell the senator about the “Geraldo Reform.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.