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Lindsay Lohan Suing Grand Theft Auto V Makers

The actress claims Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games created a character in her likeness without prior consent

Lindsay Lohan (above, left) is suing Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games — the makers of Grand Theft Auto V — for putting a supporting character in their video game who allegedly speaks and acts just like her.

“The portraits of [Lohan] used on the cover and in the game by Defendant’s were unauthorized and unlawful,” claims the lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

The character’s name is Lacey Jonas (above, right). After the game‘s protagonist encounters her, he’s tasked with helping her evade paparazzi. Along the way, the Jonas character rambles on about the caloric content of french fries, obsessed fans, and — ironically enough — the litany of lawsuits by which she’s grown encumbered.

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The lawsuit Lohan filed also alleges unauthorized use of her life story.

“The aforesaid ‘Lacey Jonas’ side mission tells a story in GTA V, which contains identical events to the Plaintiff’s life,” claims the suit. “The game also features Hotel Chateau Mormont in West Hollywood, a place where the Plaintiff once lived and often frequents.”

Lohan is seeking both punitive damages and part of the profits from the game‘s sales.

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Lohan also famously sued E-Trade for $100 million over their “milkaholic” Super Bowl ad in 2010, and also sued Pitbull in 2011 for using her first name in his hit song, “Give Me Everything.”

Here’s a clip from Grand Theft Auto V featuring Lacey Jonas:

Pamela Chelin contributed to this story.

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