Lindsay Lohan, Missing Again

Despite her prominent appearance licking the barrel of a gun on the new poster for “Machete,” Lohan’s nowhere to be seen in the trailer

It's another case of the disappearing Lohan.

In the poster for Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming “Machete,” the soon-to-be-jailbird Lindsay Lohan is nothing if not a nun with a very large gun. Playing "The Sister” in the film, out Sept. 3, her poster is oddly reminiscent of the pistol-packing pic she put up on her Twitter account back in late April.

Tabloid fixture Lohan, who reportedly has both a topless and a skinny dipping scene during her 10 minute performance in the movie, plays a gun-welding socialite.

True, the lawyerless and almost broke Lohan, who pledged that 2010 would be her comeback year on New Year’s, must be glad to be getting some attention for her acting and not her legal troubles.

But with all the time she has spent in court of late, the one place she doesn't make an appearance is the film's new trailer. Which is a bit of a big deal for the once acclaimed actress because it’s the only film she has in the can right now.

Oddly Lohan is not even mentioned in the credits with Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson, Steven Segal and leading man Danny Trejo.

According to an individual close to the film, Lohan’s absence has “nothing to do with her legal problems.” Lohan “just has an extended cameo in the movie and to show too much of her in trailer would give it away,” the individual said. (Oddly, the extended cameo apparently was enough to get her on the poster.)

Speculation that Lohan was dropped because of her legal difficulties would be odd being that most of the actors in “Machete” have spent a lot of time in court. Segal is currently under investigation for sexual assault. Rodriguez has had a few run-ins with the law herself, including a DUI.

No stranger to the law, Johnson just finished up a successful court action seeking profit from his former series, “Nash Bridges.” Trejo spent a number of years in San Quentin and got into the movies through former convict and acclaimed author Edward Bunker in the 1985 prison escape film "Runaway Train."

Though her sentence could be reduced due to prison overcrowding, Lohan is scheduled to be detained at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, on July 20. The actress is then ordered to start a 90-day in-patient rehab program within two days of her release.