Lionsgate Production Draft Revealed: Staggered Hours, CGI Extras and VR Location Scouting

TheWrap obtained an internal draft of Lionsgate’s still-developing plans to resume production

Lionsgate is considering the use of CG extras, VR scouting of locations and adopting so-called “French hours” to restrict shoots to 10-hour days and allow cast and crew to have rolling lunch breaks, according to a draft of new guidelines to safely resume film production following the coronavirus shutdown.

According to the undated draft document obtained by TheWrap, no non-essential personnel should be permitted on set or in production offices, a distance of six feet must be obtained whenever possible and no crew member should be near cast unless they are part of the makeup, hair, sound or wardrobe departments and are wearing masks and gloves.

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Beatrice Verhoeven, PWS

Beatrice Verhoeven

Film Editor, Twitter: @bverhoev