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Lionsgate, Samsung Partner to Deliver More 3D Movies at Home

Lionsgate will convert existing titles such as "Crank" and "The Decscent" into 3D

Lionsgate will convert a number of its movies to 3D for DVD and other home entertainment platforms as part of a new partnership with Samsung to expand 3D viewing at home.

The studio will convert already released action films “Gamer,” “Crank,” “Bangkok Dangerous” and horror film “The Descent” to 3D for DVD, Blu-ray, electronic sell-through and video-on-demand. Several of the studio’s upcoming films will also be converted to 3D before their theatrical release, ensuring a steady stream of new 3D titles for the home entertainment space.

"The home entertainment market is ripe for a premium technology like 3D, and consumers have consistently demonstrated their willingness to pay for added value," Jim Packer, Lionsgate’s President of Worldwide Television and Digital Distribution, said in a statement.  "Lionsgate is committed to being an innovator in enhancing the quality of the home entertainment experience for our consumers, and Samsung is an ideal partner to help us fill the release pipeline with commercially exciting films in the best 3D picture quality."

Lionsgate announced the new pact at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday, where Samsung has had a robust presence.

The use of 3D technology has become ubiquitous among theatrical film releases. It is now beginning to spread into the home entertainment space, albeit at a slower pace. Though the number of households with 3D TVs doubled in the past year, it remains a small part of the market. Currently about 6.4 million households have 3D capable TVs.