Lisa Rinna Says ‘Days of Our Lives’ Work Environment ‘Was Disgusting’ Amid Albert Alarr Misconduct Allegations

“Karma is a bitch,” the actress says as accusations of groping and other abusive behavior by the director surface

Lisa Rinna (Photo credit: Getty Images)
Lisa Rinna (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Actress Lisa Rinna described the conditions on the set of “Days of Our Lives” under the helm of director/EP Albert Alarr as “disgusting” after he was accused of misconduct such as groping on the Peacock soap opera.

In a post to Instagram, Rinna, who last returned to play her 1990s character Billie Reed during a one-week stint in 2018, wrote, “Well, this took a long time… I couldn’t believe the work environment. It was disgusting, I was shocked. I let many people know, Albert included, and they didn’t do a thing until now, it seems.”

Alarr also stands accused of the retaliatory firing of one star after she complained about his handling of an intimate scene.

“It’s kind of a running joke that everything that comes out of Albert’s mouth is inappropriate,” a veteran cast member told Deadline in a story that ran on Tuesday about the results of the nine-week investigation.

According to the outlet, the investigation began after a female staffer’s complaint that women were not being paid as much as men and that a disproportionate number of women had been affected by recent layoffs.

“Days of Lives” ran for 57 years on NBC before moving to NBCU’s streaming site Peacock late last year. It was created by Ted and Betty Corday in 1965. Their son Ken Corday produces the show through the company they founded, Corday Productions.

Sony declined to comment on the allegations and reps for Corday and Rinna did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.