‘Little Couple’ Takes Train to North Pole, Spends Some Time With Santa (Exclusive Video)

And all Will cares about is his hot chocolate

Last Updated: February 23, 2016 @ 2:07 PM

The Christmas season is a big deal for TLC’s “Little Couple,” and recently the family had first-class train tickets to the North Pole.

Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey are all-aboard the polar express in the above clip, which is exclusive to TheWrap. In it, the older sibling loses his mind over some hot chocolate. Soon, it’s Jen and Bill’s daughter’s turn to go nuts — cue Santa Claus boarding the train.

With less-than-favorable reactions from Zoey the two previous times she’s seen St. Nick, the parents (and probably everyone on the whole train) have their fingers crossed for limited hysterics.

Watch the video above.

Also on tonight’s episode, Jen has a huge SIM project at the hospital, so Bill takes the kids out to a mini-bowling alley while his wife puts in extra hours at work. Bill has a great time introducing the kids to the art of knocking down pins, while Jen’s SIM team sets up a “cardboard hospital” to test the design of a new wing being built at Texas Children’s Hospital.

At the end of her busy week, Jen encourages Bill to have a boys’ night dinner with some of his friends, while she has a quiet supper catching up with the kids.

“The Little Couple” airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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